Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer 2013 Update

This is the end of Summer and it has been a long hot summer with some heavy rain days and lots of just plain hot days;
I have been busy doing doll repair and working very little on my many miniature doll projects. I did finish my Child's Attic playroom and the Posse Summer swap was was so awesome. I also worked a lot on my Fabric Sewing room project and the Dana's Golden Glory project and the Posse Cart Project.
I will try and post some update pictures in the near future but it seems I couldn't get back to youany sooner.

It is September 10th and I finally found how to log in again and hopefully now will get more updates within the next couple of weeks. It has been a long hot summer to say the least but have kept busy and comfortable under the AC.
The pictures below are the pictures of the above listed. It seems ages between when I find the time to get back to my blog. I will add new pictures of some of my summer repair projects and mini ones too..

Sharing a few of my dolls Tuesday September 10,2013

Today I was looking through a few of my folders of dolls I had made awhile back and I just felt like I wanted to share them with my friends.
 I have been spending a good share of my time repairing others dolls lately and have not been making any dolls to add to my collection.
My real addiction of miniatures has also suffered from lack of time as has my adding to my blog which somehow I will try to remedy.