Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer 2013 Update

This is the end of Summer and it has been a long hot summer with some heavy rain days and lots of just plain hot days;
I have been busy doing doll repair and working very little on my many miniature doll projects. I did finish my Child's Attic playroom and the Posse Summer swap was was so awesome. I also worked a lot on my Fabric Sewing room project and the Dana's Golden Glory project and the Posse Cart Project.
I will try and post some update pictures in the near future but it seems I couldn't get back to youany sooner.

It is September 10th and I finally found how to log in again and hopefully now will get more updates within the next couple of weeks. It has been a long hot summer to say the least but have kept busy and comfortable under the AC.
The pictures below are the pictures of the above listed. It seems ages between when I find the time to get back to my blog. I will add new pictures of some of my summer repair projects and mini ones too..

Sharing a few of my dolls Tuesday September 10,2013

Today I was looking through a few of my folders of dolls I had made awhile back and I just felt like I wanted to share them with my friends.
 I have been spending a good share of my time repairing others dolls lately and have not been making any dolls to add to my collection.
My real addiction of miniatures has also suffered from lack of time as has my adding to my blog which somehow I will try to remedy.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has arrived??

Easter came early this year on March 31st my 83rd Birthday was shared with such a lovely Blessed event.My special friend Freida started out the weekend on Friday taking me out for the day and having lunch and shopping . On Sat my dear friends Karl and Pat Mullinix from Westminter ,MD drove 6 hours down and took me and 2 other Friends Phyllis and Howard to The Mayflower Seafood Resturant for  Lunch and then they had to leave and drive back to Md. It was a wonderful week-end.

The sun is shining bright but there is still a cool wind. That restless bug has bit and the itch is demaning to be scratched and its still the first week in April.

Wouldn't you know the first buds are popping out and the weather dipped to near freezing and nipped those eager beavers Gal dang it should of waited another week.

Well today I went out only to feed the birds and 4 hours later I gave up and had raked and pulled weeds and wished I hadn't let that bug near enough to bite me.
 The next day just went out to check it out and it was again 4 hours before I took a break.
 I feed the birds the 3rd morning and took off for Lowes to get soil and fertilizer to refresh my hanging pots and 3 hours later and $98.00 invested in their markdown plants I rescued to give a 2nd chance I came home spent another 4 hours setting out the Pansies, johnny jump-ups, heather,Fushia, Petunias,and several various other such pretty flowers into hanging baskets.Plus cleaning out my iris bed, relocating some birdfeeders, repositioning the big Pots of Roses bushes and moving umpteen double cinderblocks and raking up leaves and pinestraw I finally decides I had scrated those bites enough for that day. I have one more window box to fill with my chouce of Purple wave Petunias which I'll finish doing Monday morning on the deck .
I can't believe I did it let alone all by myself. I still have a pink cottage climbing rose bush to set out and a bareroot Knockout Rose bush. I also set oy a hershy red Azalea and have a pale pink striped Azalea to set out.
I had 4 bags of red mulch I had planned to put around the pine trees 3 years ago and it ended up the first day being put down in my flower garden by the deck after raking out all the weeds and now I will have flat squared rocks placed and pots set out with plants in them instead of feeding the fire ants planting them in the soil.
Will add some pictures so you can enjoy the garden with me.. 

Now I have simply got to get back to my doll repair to keep those needy dolls home to their loved ones and my other addiction Miniature porcelain doll making. Between my e-mail and love of working on the computer and Photography of my dolls and garden and pouring porcelain dolls and misc. miniatures and dressing them and repairing broken and neglected packed away dolls and giving back or passing on their precious memories My days and evenings are well filled and keep me young and happy..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Update on Children's Attic Playroom

This an update of the dollhouse shell I got at Michael's one day for halfprice to make a home for the 1/12th Miniature doll house dolls I had made and then the Children's Playroom project came up in our MSAT DollList Posse Group and it went on from there.
For My 82nd Birthday a doll friend Pat Jackson and her daughter Niquie sent me the Lovely lady in the Parlor on the left  sitting in the chair on the right holding a tea cup and visting with a Nanny reading to the little children and she also sent me the little baby in pink on the sofa.
I then had to have another sitting room for another lady helping my little girl play her piano and watch over the other younguns play with take turns playing with the little horse on wheels that Pat also sent me.
The Attic Playroon holds all the lovely items that came from the swap. A Punch and Judy Theater Rocking horse and toy box full of toys and dresser set and tiny train and truck and wagon and scooter and all the wee dollies I made to enjoy the toys. It is really very detailed but so hard to get it large enough for you to really enjoy.
There are 2 more rooms at the bottom that hold the Doll Doctor'sOffice and a Music room that I will try and enter one day entotal..

My Children Attic Playroom

This a first picture of my MSAT Posse  October  2012 Project.We had a swap with 20 other girls in the group and we each had to make 20 miniatures of the same thing and so it was all put together with the little dolls I made and this was what it looked like when I first assembled all the wonderful swaps that were made by such creative artists. I will continue to add more pictures as I finish my room.