Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Update on Children's Attic Playroom

This an update of the dollhouse shell I got at Michael's one day for halfprice to make a home for the 1/12th Miniature doll house dolls I had made and then the Children's Playroom project came up in our MSAT DollList Posse Group and it went on from there.
For My 82nd Birthday a doll friend Pat Jackson and her daughter Niquie sent me the Lovely lady in the Parlor on the left  sitting in the chair on the right holding a tea cup and visting with a Nanny reading to the little children and she also sent me the little baby in pink on the sofa.
I then had to have another sitting room for another lady helping my little girl play her piano and watch over the other younguns play with take turns playing with the little horse on wheels that Pat also sent me.
The Attic Playroon holds all the lovely items that came from the swap. A Punch and Judy Theater Rocking horse and toy box full of toys and dresser set and tiny train and truck and wagon and scooter and all the wee dollies I made to enjoy the toys. It is really very detailed but so hard to get it large enough for you to really enjoy.
There are 2 more rooms at the bottom that hold the Doll Doctor'sOffice and a Music room that I will try and enter one day entotal..

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