Sunday, November 4, 2012

My new Fairy Mystral

A few ladies on The Msat Dolllist doll group decided to do a Doll-A-Month for October and I choose a Doll kit from the class we did with Dana as my project. Her name is Mystral. I would like to share the weekly steps  with you all.
This is the blank after china painting, firing, and assembling with pipe cleaners and then wrapping with cotton to form the body.

This step was putting on the pantalets to start the first step of dressing the doll which was the first week of the workshop.


This is the picture of the doll with the underslip and overskirt attached. The camisole is part the slip.

 This as you can see is the doll with her pantalets, underslip and overskirt on.  This is the third week.

Here the doll now her camisole, underclothes and is ready for her silk dress to be sewn.

Her silk dress is now on and she is ready to be jeweled and then wigged and crowned.
My Mystral is now finished and I can start on my next Project which is Dana's Black Rose.


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